Desde oportunidades personales para compartir nuestro testimonio a nuestros esfuerzos colectivos para evangelizar y apoyar las misiones, tenemos una llamada para equipar a los creyentes para alcanzar a la gente con la esperanza de Jesucristo. (Mateo 28:19-20)

From personal opportunities to share our testimony to our collective efforts of evangelistic outreach and missions support we are called to equip believers to reach people with the hope of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20)



Alfredo y Hazeel Torres se reunieron en Esperanza Viva la Juventud Home-Puebla en 2009 y se casaron en diciembre de 2010. Alfredo es nuestro diseñador gráfico residente, que utiliza sus habilidades artísticas para crear materiales promocionales inspiradoras para el ministerio.
 Originario de Puebla, Alfredo se unió al personal del ministerio después de graduarse de La Vina Centro de Formación del Ministerio. Hazeel es de Houston, Texas, y también estudió en La Viña, donde se graduó un año después de Alfredo.  Ella ayuda en el departamento de patrocinio en la casa de la juventud y es una madre a tiempo completo a sus hijos Edissa y Mateo. 
Tienen una pasión por ver el amor de Dios a transformar vidas a través de la alabanza y la adoración, y juntos se sirven en el equipo de adoración en la Iglesia de las Naciones, que echaban sus ofrendas musicales para el servicio del Señor.          Quiero Contribuir

Alfredo and Hazeel Torres met at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla in 2009 and were married in December 2010. Alfredo is our resident graphic designer, who uses his artistic abilities to create inspiring promotional materials for the ministry. Originally from Puebla, Alfredo joined the ministry staff after graduating from La Vina Ministry Training Center. Hazeel is from Houston, Texas, and she also studied in La Viña, graduating a year after Alfredo. She helps in the sponsorship department at the youth home and is a full-time mother to their children Edissa and Mateo. They have a passion to see the love of God transform lives through praise and worship, and together they serve on the worship team at Nations Church, putting their musical gifts to the Lord’s service.  I want to Give


    Cristo para las Naciones PoloniaChrist for the Nations-Poland

Joshua Cagle

Josh Cagle holds his Master of Arts in Professional Development, as well as his Bachelor’s degree, from Dallas Baptist University.  He is also a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.  He has many years experience in missions work, organizing and leading a variety of projects and trips throughout multiple countries that often include evangelism and the performing arts.  Josh also works with the Pentecostal Church Youth Ministry in Poland with various projects and conferences.  He is currently the director of „Start” – a summer camp specifically designed for junior high age students. Josh is a talented and anointed missionary, teacher, musician and leader.

Izabela Cagle

Izabela Cagle is a graduate of the University of Gdansk, from where she received her Master’s Degree in Psychology with specialization in work with children and youth.  She is also a graduate of the Krakow Theatre School, the Christian School of Dance, and Christ for the Nations – Poland.  She currently works with the Pentecostal Church Youth Ministry.  She also leads the summer camp for junior high students with her husband Josh.  Izabela is an experienced leader in children and youth ministry, as well as a psychologist and lecturer.




                                     Love Bought |Amor Comprado



Love Bought: Orphan Revolution

Our goal is to rescue orphan children. It is not enough to give them a house and a meal ticket. We want to give them a home to transform their lives, an education to transform their minds and a dream to transform their futures. This is the Orphan Revolution. 

The majority of orphanages meet the basic needs of orphans, with the best intentions, to save them from a life of poverty. However, we have seen that that is not enough. Our goal is complex because we know that there is no cure-all solution for these children. We have spent hundreds of hours considering what orphans must experience to truly be revolutionized into Sons and Daughters and have created a process that will best help them make that transition.