This icon picture was taken on Saturday, January 16, 1999 after our first morning class.


    New Life was born on January 16, 199.  Fifteen families were present on that first day for our first worship service in a Pasadena store front.  The 900 square foot commercial space was situated between a second hand store and two Bingo halls.  Prior to becoming our first worship center, the retail space sold pagers and cellphones.  During our three months there it was not uncommon to hear Bingo numbers being called out in the middle of our sermons and our prayer services interrupted by customers arriving to pay their mobile phone bills. 


    Even in low-resoluiton, these pictures vividly tell the story of New Life's beginning through a series of slides capturing our first year of ministry. From our storefront beginning, to the arrival of our Pastors, to several outreach efforts in the community where we were first planted --these images reflect the drive and determination of our ministry.



    During our 25th anniversary month, we dedicated part of our worship service to sitting down with founding members to reminisce about the start of our ministry.

    Happy Anniversary