Erik Dunn | March 09

    If you've ever asked the question, "Why Me?" then you will want to see this message focusing on some of things that God is doing in the background to draw us close to Him, to deepen in our faith in Him and to use our lives to reach others for Him.

    Erik Dunn | March 16

    As we grow and mature in life, our experiences should include turning points -moments in time that mark a decisive change or significant shifts pointing us in the direction of development. 


    Of the 35K+ decisions you will make today, taking a few minutes to consider to explore the strategy used by the wisest man in history to make life's hard choices. 

    ERIK DUNN | FEB 10

    In this final message of our We are New Life series we highlight five challenges we face as we try to live up to our idenity as a multi-generational church, and five reasons we are compelled to live up to that calling.